Whether you chose a cruise from Bagan to Mandalay or from Mandalay to Bhamo (or vice versa), a cruise on either of the Amara River Cruise ships is bound to be an unforgettable experience during your visit to Myanmar. Spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning, as well as the legendary friendly service of the crew and fascinating land excursions offer unforgettable experiences.


Aroma Theraphy - 1


One of the services as offer along the cruising on Board as we serves you the Traditional Massage to make you muscle relaxing, please contact to the Cruise Manager.

Meditation & Yoga

One of the peaceful cruising trip for experiencing of meditation to rips away of your stressful in the early morning on the upper desk. Time is a great healer to doing Yoga for healing of your mindfulness.

Yoga on the cruise

Daily Excursions,

Explore the things that interest you, your family and friends, makes your own itinerary and take your own time. Discuss your requirements with our team.

An interesting defiles to pass along the Irrawaddy if you are choosing Mandalay – Bhamo or Bhamo – Mandalay, Ancient dynasty sites to visit, the city of Katha is well-konw by the best seller book of “BURMES DAYS” written by George Orwell then visit to his historic house, interesting place to Nwe Nyein pottery villages which is delightful produced pottery to the worldwide.

Routes between Mandalay – Bagan and Bagan – Mandalay that one of famous pottery villages of  Yandapo, interesting cities such as Mingun. May you enjoy and relaxing of your time along sailing the river of Irrawaddy.

Sandbank Dinner

Memorials and highlighted cruising with Amara by the one of the night by the Sandbank Dinner not only enjoying meals but also team will be entertaining then they welcome you to join if you are interesting to sing or playing guitar with team.

The most delighted to explore the floating candle in the river which will have an tiny extra cost of this special request and enjoy your moment along the trip.

Dinner Set up
Nat Pauk Elephant Camp - 3


Enjoyable to visit the Elephant Nursery Camp in Katha which only available once after you chose the routes of Mandalay – Bhamo or Bhamo – Mandaly that only way to explore to visit the Gorege Owell’s House.

A beautiful scenery of  third defile near Katha city too.

Pottery Villages

The most famous pottery villages while you are cruising with Amara River Cruise I and II along the river of Irrawaddy.

Yandabo pottery village – the routes between Mandalay – Bagan or Bagan – Mandalay that we will visit to the small village of Yandabo, is famous for making ability with a huge numbers in the villages and meet with the villages, bring for your souvenir.

Nwe Nyein pottery village – to the disctrict of Kyaung myaung and the cruises passing by the Thrid Defile. The area of Kaung Myaung city is covered with demise teal’s. The delightufl Nwe Nyein produces pottery along the riverside from cnetral Kyauk Myaung while you choose the routes between Mandalay – Bhamo or Bhamo – Mandalay.


Market Visit

The most interesting market visit during cruising between Mandalay – Bhamo an up stream or down stream to visit the locally market in Katha – an absolutely interesting and explore the nature of locally markets.

Highlighted market once after dis-embark in Bagan to visit Nyaung Oo Market where you can find the antique lacquer-ware once you chose the routes of Mandalay – Bagan or Bagan – Mandalay.

Watching River Dolphin

One of your unique cruising along the Irrawaddy river by Amara River Cruise I & II in Myanmar. An exclusive phenomenon found in only two places in Myanmar as near Mingun Stupa and along the way between Mandalay and Bhamo.  An amazing relationship with local fishermen and Dolphins communicate and fish together practically calls “Cooperative fishing”.

Dolphin in the Irrawaddy


Bagan is an ancient city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. From the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom, the first kingdom that unified the regions that would later constitute modern Myanmar.


Mandalay is a city and former royal capital in northern Myanmar (formerly Burma) on the Irrawaddy River. In its center is the restored Mandalay Palace from the Konbaung Dynasty, surrounded by a moat. Mandalay Hill provides views of the city from its summit, which is reached by covered stairway. At its foot, the Kuthodaw Pagoda houses hundreds of Buddhist-scripture-inscribed marble slabs.



Bhamo is a city of Kachin State in the northernmost part of Myanmar, one of the quiet town on the banks of the Irrawaddy in Southern Kachin State.  Most secnic stretch journey from Mandalay to Katha which includes perhaps the river’s of the second defile. A city is unremarkable but a pleasant place to hang out and relax to the north of town lies the site of Sampanago, captial of ancient Shan Kingdom of Wanmaw (Banmaw) after which the present town is named.


Sagaing is the capital of Myanmar’s Sagaing Region and located the Irrawaddy River and Mandalay is on the opposite bank of the river, with numerous Buddhist monasteries is an important religious and monastic center. The city is one of the minor kingdoms that rose up after the fall of Bagan dynasty.

ARC 2 with Sagain Bridge in 2016


Mingun is a small town in central Myanmar (formerly Burma). It sits on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, northwest of the city of Mandalay. It’s known for the Mingun Pahtodawgyi, an immense, unfinished pagoda. Nearby, the Mingun Bell is a colossal bronze bell from the early 19th century. To the north, the striking, white Hsinbyume Pagoda is defined by its wavy, tiered terraces and is crowned by a large stupa.


Inwa is an ancient city near Mandalay, in central Myanmar (formerly Burma). It’s known for religious structures left over from several reigns as the nation’s capital, from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Dominating these is the Bagaya Kyaung, a 19th-century working monastery made of teak. The large, brick-and-stucco Maha Aungmye Bonzan monastery dates back to the 1800s. Its crypt area is a haven for bats.

Melnu Temple

Sunset Cocktails

Enjoy the sunset cocktails while cruising along the Irrawaddy river with the famous rum sour with seasonal fruit as signature of Amara Sunset Cocktails.

Sand Band Dinner

The most highlighted dinner and remarkable along with Amara River Cruises while traveling between Mandalay – Bagan and Bhamo with candle light on the ground.

Table Set up