Company Information
Amara Group Myanmar was established in 2001, and the group launched the first project, the Amara Resort in Kalaw, east of Inle-Lake in the Shan Mountain. When we visited Kalaw for the first time in the 1990s, we were amazed and impressed by the old colonial buildings still standing, the friendliness of the local people and the fascination of Kalaw and its surroundings. We continued our projects in 2003 with our first luxury cruise boat. In order to respect the country's traditions we bought one of the beautiful teak boats that usually carries goods along the river and transformed it meticulously it into a luxury boat with 7 cabins , cruising mainly between Mandalay and Bhamo, the most intresting part of the 2000km long Irrawaddy river and where other boats are not able to cruise, due to the shallow water. The trips are unique.

Following the success of the Amara I, we launched the second boat; larger, more luxurious and only with 5 larger cabins. The Amara II is arguably the most luxurious adventure cruise boat in Myanmar. Adding to our cruise activities, we are now building an outstanding, eco-friendly resort at one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, Ngapali Beach, located on the Gulf of Bengal. The quality will be at the high end and the resort is due to open in October 2010.

The aim of Amara Group is to offer luxury accommodation of the highest available standard to visitors, whether interested in relaxing beach-holidays in unspoiled natural beauty, or in exploring the hidden natural and cultural riches. Our company is dedicated to improving directly the social fabric of the lives of ordinary Myanmar residents, particularly providing badly-needed medical assistance to the more remote villagers; and to protecting the rich wildlife, natural resources and scenery of the country which are constantly in danger. A large part of our profits is ploughed back into these privately-run programmes. More information on our social and charitable activities can be found on the Amara Foundation page.

Myanmar is one of the least-known and most remote countries in the world, but for the fortunate visitor who discovers it, it has more to offer than any other Asian country. Mysterious and romantic, its immense cultural riches and vast expanses of spectacular and untouched natural scenery lie undisturbed by tourists. But, more than anything, visitors are beguiled by the charm, friendliness, openness and serenity of its highly spiritual people. Through our unique network of local and government contacts and with our luxury cruise boats, we are able to take you places where no Westerner has ever been! Whether discovering remote villages whose lifestyles close to the rhythms of the earth have remained unchanged for a thousand years, exploring the towns - enchanting, exotic, jumbled mixes of ancient culture, colonial heritage and the 21st Century - or merely enjoying the tranquil and unspoiled sandy beaches and warm seas courtesy of our new beach resort, the discerning traveler falls under the spell of Myanmar entirely and irrevocably; heart-broken by his departure and counting the days until he is able to return.

We hope most sincerely that you will be one of these visitors. We believe that Myanmar will give you the most extraordinary, unforgettable and happy experience that many have found to be rewarding in ways they never imagined! In return for Myanmar's generosity of spirit, and by travelling with us, you will help us protect the country's wildlife and scenery as well as to provide medical and educational assistance to its people. And, as valuable, when you meet them or they invite you into their homes, out of curiosity and warm hospitality, you will be enriching their lives as much as they will be yours.

Amara Group Myanmar was expended one stop services to the Hospitalities Industry in November 2016. A year old of Amara Exclusive was growing extremely fast in Ngapali at Rakkhine State during a very short period to reach the aims of services. Amara Exclusive supplies to the Hotels & Resorts mainly Food such as dry, cold and fresh items for the products of Restaurant, Housekeeping .